Learning Choose My Plate

Dec2013 5677

What better way to learn about the Choose My Plate initiative than to make one?!  Use a paper plate and have your children cut out pictures of foods from grocery ads to glue onto the plate in the correct category.  This will reinforce which foods belong to which food groups as well as the specifics of how much of each food group belongs on the plate. 

Why Learn Nutrition?

Maybe you’re in the camp who sees America’s obesity epidemic as a crisis worth solving. Or perhaps you’re simply an advocate of lifelong learning. In either case, nutrition education is key to living longer, healthier, and happier lives, both for all of us as individuals and for our society as a whole. Recognizing the need for improvement is the first step in learning how to eat healthier.

Consider the “soft skills” that kids learn, the things that we all need to function better in life, but that go beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic.  Make the most of your kids’ adventure through childhood and teach healthy nutrition concepts as a valuable life skill!

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